The Sky Lake – Highland Lakes Area has the following schools available to the residents located in the community.


Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks

School Principal: Mr. Julio Fong
20500 NE 24th Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33180
Phone (305) 931-1770
Fax (305) 936-5722


The mission of Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School is to develop a sense of pride, self-control, citizenship, and respect for the safety, rights, and property of every member of our multicultural community, while we continue to emphasize a nurturing environment in which all students become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators in our ever-changing, technological world.


Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School is a premiere, multicultural institution where a team of teachers, parents and community members inspire all students to achieve success and open their minds to the endless opportunities for learning.

Ojus Elementary School

School Principal: Dr. Marta Mejia
18600 West Dixie Highway
Phone: 305-931-4881

‘Ojus’ is a Seminole Indian word that means ‘plenty’,and there are plenty of reasons for Ojus Elementary’s progress, including dedicated teachers, administrators, a strong curriculum, supportive community and concerned parents.

Ojus’s 49 teachers know they can’t stand still if their students are going to get ahead. Their commitment to their students doesn’t end when the last school bell rings. When students are practicing for and performing at community events, the teachers are there showing their support. When students and parents hold a Skip-A Thon, the ‘Ojus Jams’ Dance Program, and the annual Talent Show, the teachers are present cheering their students on.

The teacher’s pride is not limited to supporting students outside the classroom. It also means becoming a better teacher in the classroom. Throughout the year, teachers work to earn advanced degrees in specialized areas. In fact, over 51 percent of our teachers hold advanced degrees. To meet the needs of the diverse student population, almost the entire faculty has been certified to teach English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). In addition, teachers take advantage of the many workshops offered by the district, region and local universities. Over the summer, on weekends and at night, teachers learn the latest instructional strategies on how to teach Florida’s Sunshine Standards. In fact, Ojus’ teachers, because of the expertise they have developed through their continuing education, have been asked by the district and region to share their skills with other teachers by presenting at regional and county workshops. Teachers also receive special training in technology, enabling them to make computers an integrated part of the curriculum. At Ojus, every classroom is connected to the Internet, allowing students to use this powerful research tool. Students also produce a daily television program, which is aired throughout the school.


Aventura Waterways K-8 Center

School Principal: Mrs. Yesenia M. Aponte

21101 NE 26th Ave.
Miami, Fl 33180
Phone – 305-933-5201

At Aventura Waterways K-8 Center, our driving force will be to provide students with the very best education coupled with broad and diverse experiences.   We believe that a strong foundation accompanied with project based, hands-on learning is essential in producing adaptable, globally prepared, articulate students who will be successful as they encounter future academic and social challenges.  We hope to instill in each student the drive and passion to search for new academic opportunities that will optimize their educational experiences at our school.  As you navigate our website, we hope it offers you a glimpse of what our magnificent school is truly about.


Highland Oaks Highland Oaks Middle

School Principal: Mrs. Cheryl Kushi
2375 NE 203rd Street (Ives Dairy Road)
Phone: (305) 932-381

The Highland Oaks Middle School team is committed to excellence by ensuring that our students develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a global society by providing opportunities for lifelong learning.


Highland Oaks Middle School envisions that our students are prepared to face the future with a set of moral values, academic and intellectual skills, a desire for knowledge, strong self-esteem, and a tolerance and respect for others. Highland Oaks Middle School provides our students with a quality education and ensures that parents, teachers, students, community, and administration work cohesively to achieve all the goals set forth. Highland Oaks Middle School’s Vision and mission are defined by high academic standards, the middle school philosophy, and the implementation of the most current educational practices so that all students become valuable and productive members of their community and society as a whole.


Dr. Michael M. Krop

School Principal: Dr. Adam Kosnitzky
1410 Countyline Road
Miami, Florida 33179
Phone: (305) 652-6808
Fax: (305) 651-3039


We educate all students in a safe, nurturing, challenging environment that empowers them to become ethical, well-rounded individuals who are lifelong learners and productive members of the global community.


Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School will become the most respected and successful public high school in Florida by providing students with the essential skills to live healthier and productive lives.

The faculty, staff, and parents of Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School provide a nurturing environment, which acknowledges individual creativity and stimulates personal growth. We empower our youth to meet the diverse demands of a complex and evolving society. We encourage our students to take full advantage of participation in the multi-ethnic world-class community in which they live. The faculty and staff strive to develop community involvement in all facets of school activity. Students’ technical, vocational, academic, creative and performing talents are enhanced through a broad spectrum of elective course offerings. Faculty and staff model creative and critical thinking, risk taking, intellectual exploration, and assumption of personal responsibility to foster student leadership in the school and the community. It is our conviction that the “whole community” endeavor results in reliable, motivated, self-fulfilled leaders for the future.


Temple Sinai Early Childhood Education

Director: Rabbi David Paskin
18801 NE 22 Ave.
orth Miami Beach, FL 33180
: 305-932-9012

Temple Sinai is home to the Early Childhood Education, the only liberal Jewish preschool school in the northern area of Miami-Dade County, Florida, ages 18 months – 5 years.

Their curriculum integrates secular studies with their rich Jewish history and values and with the modern Hebrew language. Each child learns that the school values human growth as well as academic achievement.

Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus

Sandra Kopp, M.S.

20350 NE 26th Ave.
N, Miami Beach, FL 33180
Phone: (786) 279-SUZY

The Early Childhood Center offers programs for 2-year olds and up, including a warm, nurturing daycare center in their brand new, immaculate and airy facility. Singing, structured play, age appropriate activities are all part of your child’s day.


Hillel Day School

Vanessa Donaher

19000 NE 25th Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL  33180
Phone: (305) 931-2831
Fax: (305) 932-7463

Pre-K thru 12

From early childhood through Grade 12, Hillel cultivates and inspires students’ interests and talents to prepare them for college admission. Founded in the 1970s and built upon an inspirational vision and a profound commitment to community, Hillel is the second-largest Jewish community day school in the nation.

Jewish Community Center (JCC)

2 month to Pre-K

Director: Jenny Tettner-Gugig
18900 NE 25th Ave. Miami, FL 33180
Phone 305-932-4200 Ext. 155

The Jewish Community Center pre-school is located on the Michael Ann Russell Jewish Community Center Campus, Childcare and preschool – 2 months – to Pre-k


St. Lawrence

Pre-school thru 12

2200 Ne 191st St
Miami, FL 33180
Phone: (305) 932-4912
Fax 305-932-7898

The mission of Saint Lawrence Catholic School is to provide a well-rounded education to students, grades kindergarten through eight, in a caring environment in which Catholic faith and learning grow hand in hand.

The curriculum includes the following subject areas: Catholic Religious Studies, Math, English / Language Arts, Reading / Literature, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, Library Skills, Computer Literacy, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, and Music.