Crime Watch

The Crime Watch committee is made up of volunteers that help coordinate the initiation of a crime watch area.  The police promote crime watch as a tool to get to know your neighbors and become extra sets of eyes for the community.  The goal of the Homeowners Association is to have contiguous Crime Watch areas set up throughout our community.  Each crime watch area has a block captain that organizes the information for the individuals that live on the block and coordinates the process with the committee.

Crime Watch Chairperson:

CERT – Community Emergency Response Team

This committee is made up of volunteers that have been trained to assist in the event of an emergency such as a hurricane.  During the first 72 hours after an emergency the community must be prepared to take care of themselves before the emergency professionals are available to assist in the basic needs for the community.  The volunteers have procedures in place to communicate the needs of our community and periodically hold meetings for training or updates.

CERT Chairpersons:
Bill Clayton
Trudy Lechner

Education/School Traffic

The Education committee is involved with the public schools in our community that our children attend.  They are the liaison between the schools and the community and periodically host gatherings to introduce the residents to the leaders of the schools.

Education Chairperson:
Stephanie Ruiz

Beautification/Code Compliance/Zoning

This committee is divided into two responsibilities.  The first is recommending projects to help beautify the neighborhood and implement same.  The second is reporting and tracking complaints regarding code violations, dangerous conditions in the neighborhood, or any other issue that falls within this category.

Beautification Chairperson:
Code Compliance/Zoning: Bill Clayton,
Mort Braveman and
David Promoff

Special Taxing Districts

The Special Taxing District committee is made up of a representative from each of the existing Special Taxing DIstricts in our community.  Currently the following districts are operating:

Highland Lakes Guard District  – Marc Hurwitz –
Highland Gardens Guard District – Marc Hurwitz –
Enchanted Lakes Guard District – Rob Puskin –  or Jeffrey Levinson –
Coventry Guard District – Andy Rodman  –
Oak Forest Guard District – Rochelle Matza –
Oak Forest Roving Guard District – Rochelle Matza –

Each Special Taxing District has a committee made up of volunteers from the community that monitor the guard service and report findings to the Special Taxing District office.

Security and Special Taxing Districts Committee Chairperson: Marc Hurwitz –


Membership Chairperson:
Freyda Hyman –