Short Term Rentals – Message from the HOA President

While our community has numerous short term rental listings, with most owners and renters abiding by the Miami Dade County regulations, some of these rentals are operating outside the guidelines and are severely impacting the quality of life for the surrounding neighbors. As of late, there have been numerous complaints regarding properties being rented throughout the area.

The HOA has tried to work with numerous county agencies to remedy this situation, but the response has not been as effective as it needs to be.

As a result of our conversations, we are recommending the following guidelines as a multi-faceted approach. The commissioners’ office has stated that it will assist in addressing these concerns. We are recommending that all correspondence be copied to Commissioner Heyman’s office at

Report any complaint to code enforcement listing all the issues. We recommend that you do this via email at You can also download the Miami Dade County 311Direct app and do this via your phone. When reporting your complaint via the app, it gives you the ability to attach photos showing excess cars, trash, or any other issues. This ensures a documented record of your complaint. We are also recommending that you copy your email to She is the point person from code compliance who will address these rental issues.

If a rental unit is registered with the county it should have a Certificate of Use (C/U)  posted on the property. You can also check
to see if they are registered. If not, attach in your complaint that it is not registered with the county and out of compliance.

Please call the police non-emergency line at 305-4POLICE to address noise complaints, large crowds, loud or paid admission parties, or any other safety concern. There are no restrictions on time or day for noise complaints. You should insist that you be furnished with a case number to document your concerns showing the police responded. Furnish this case number when forwarding to Cindy Hoskins’ office.

We are hoping the above recommendations help address and eliminate these quality of life issues in our community.  A short term rental listing can be removed, but only by the county after failing to comply with established regulations.  The following link show all regulations and fines dealing with these rentals.

We are also forming a committee to take on the issue of short term rentals in the community. Please email me at if you would like to join.

HOA Community Donation Request Letter

Hi Neighbors! We need your help. Your neighbors need your help.
Please see the attached community plea below.

The HOA is coming together to support our community members that are in need at this difficult time. We are requesting your help with donations.

Who: You!
What: Donate canned goods, toiletries, masks, gloves, wipes, vitamins
When: Tuesday, April 7th 12pm – 5pm
Where: Drop off Donations – 207th Street – near the back entrance of VABHOE
Why: Your neighbors need your help!

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