Community News Update July 17, 2016

Our latest newsletter is out!  Click here to read it in its entirety, or read below for highlights….

There is no such thing as a summer slow-dow when it comes to advocating for our community!  Here’s the latest:
  • MAC/Incorporation: Last month’s Public Hearing of the Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) saw passionate sentiments from pro- and against-incorporation residents.  The HOA’s current position is that a vote should be held to let the residents decide. We urge everyone to come to the next Public Hearing on Thursday, July 21, 6-8pm, Highland Oaks Middle School to ask the MAC to Let Us Vote. The MAC is approaching their vote on whether or not to allow an election – it is critical that residents attend and speak in favor of allowing a vote to happen. 
  • FDOT Plan for US 1/Ives Dairy Overpass: We had a great turnout from our neighborhood to the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Public Hearing regarding their proposed plan to re-configure the Ives Dairy/US 1 interchange. Despite our strong objections that doing so would destroy 25 small businesses as well as other concerns, FDOT decided to move forward with their plan. However, as a result of HOA lobbying efforts, Florida State Rep. Barbara Watson and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman are pushing for design modifications.  We expect to hear the results of those efforts very soon. The HOA Board will review legal options if all else fails.
  • Lane Changes: As a result of HOA efforts, the south-bound lanes leaving the main Highland Lakes gate have been modified as follows:
    • Left Lane: Left turn only
    • Center Lane: Straight or right turn
    • Right Lane: Right turn only


We believe that this modification will alleviate traffic backup during school season.